a life in food under the banner of faith


And Progress.

In a few days I’m jetting off to North Carolina to a writing conference to present a book proposal to a few major publishers. It’s something I have no business doing at this stage in the game but suffice it to say …


“a life in food under the banner of faith”

 daily bread

Being welcomed around the table and a meal can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. Now I know. Frederick Beuchner famously says, “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.” Praise be to God for a gift that serves the most transformative meeting place ever: the dinner table.
Wedding chicken.png

Barriers to entry.

I’ve long lived under the narrative that because I live in a tiny space, hosting the dinner parties of my dreams is not an option. But a few weeks ago, in the wake of a church workshop, I sent a dinner invitation to all fifty-some attendees and on the night of the meal, something in me arrived in a new place of possibility.


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Hello AGain.

I’ve started and sloughed off so many food blogs over the past 10 years I’ve honestly lost count. When I started to get an inkling to start fresh I thought, what is honestly going to be different about this time? Well, maybe nothing. But maybe everything.