Sweet Summer Corn with Aleppo Pepper & Lime

Permission to check-out granted.  

When your new camera arrives within 48 hours of the Saturday market what ensues is a trail of bubble wrap, boxes, and lens caps leading to a kitchen with crumb-covered floor, a dining room table turned mini studio and countertops laden with market finds struggling to accommodate the multiple recipes all happening at once.  I’m clearly in over my head with this camera but don’t intend to be for long. It was worth every penny.   


It’s not often that I’m up past 7am.  Feeling peace about it was even more unfamiliar.  But that was Monday after a Saturday and Sunday of shopping, cooking, and shooting for as long as the lingering light and my tired legs would allow.  Well, I suppose I should say learning to shoot.  Six months ago when I set out I wouldn’t have thought it possible to grow restless of a solo career in food styling.  A new chapter that I’d been halfway into for years was finally truly beginning.  It was terrifying and exciting and unpredictable and all the other things associated with taking a huge leap of faith (all while residing solo in the most expensive city in the country) that keep you up at night.  I was certain that it would take awhile before I got bored here but somehow it didn’t.   

Explaining food styling often needs an extra “No, no.  I don’t take the picture.  I just make the food.  I couldn’t work a camera out of a paper bag.”  But I've been thinking, what if I maybe could?  In October my best friend and I are heading to this annual creative conference that's been on my radar for awhile.  One of the breakout sessions is The Multi-Hyphenated Millennial Woman.  I know.  It’s kinda spot on for our generation though.  Seems like everyone’s got a handful of things they’re after.  And even if there is one main thing, you wear many different hats to make it work.   Being a food stylist is only one piece of the creative puzzle and there are many hats required under that self-employed pursuit alone but I think maaaaybe it's time for something little more...multifaceted. I have zero desire to be a commercial photographer but not knowing how to take a great picture has been a frustrating and limiting barrier.  Kinda like trying to excel as a triathlete when you don't know how to swim.  Full control over the creative process means also knowing how to shoot and edit images. 

So here we are, with a shooting setup that’s probably worth more than my car at this point and a realization that having the right tools really will take a new pursuit from like to loooove.  So bear with me as I learn.  If all goes as planned the pictures here will get prettier and prettier as time goes on.  And here's to my last post with iPhone6 photos.  And for you, the perfect summer corn accompaniment to the last grilled chicken post.  Just in time for the fourth.

Sweet Summer Corn with Aleppo Pepper and Lime

Aleppo pepper and I are reeeally having a moment right now.  There's plenty more where this came from on the way.  This corn is so basic I don't even think I can call this a recipe.  Which is part of the beauty of it I guess.  It's peak corn season so stock up on your dental floss and take full advantage cause it's so simple to prepare.  If you haven't already been to How to Spatchcock a Chicken and the Art of Indoor Grilling, these pics originally debuted there and this is the follow up "recipe."  Not surprisingly, this corn was grilled.  Indoors.  But you can just as easily boil, broil, or wrap it in foil and throw it in the oven.  If you can't find Aleppo pepper flakes classic red chili flakes will do the same job.  In a less sweet, spicy, sophisticated way but they'll do nonetheless.  More is more here.  More salt.  More butter.  More lime.  More everything. 


Preheat the grill pan over medium-high heat.  Add the corn and cook until charred and kernels are tender, turning on occasion, 5-6 minutes until well-charred and kernels are tender.  Using the tongs, transfer corn to a platter.  Spread generously with butter and sprinkle with herbs.  Squeeze juice from half the limes over and finish with pepper flakes and Maldon salt.  Serve with extra lime wedges.


Cast iron grill pan


4-6 ears fresh corn, husks removed
1/4 cup (one stick) good quality butter
1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro or parsley
4 limes cut into wedges
Aleppo pepper flakes (or crushed red pepper flakes)
Maldon salt