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ABOUT joy & Feast

“A life in food under the banner of faith.”



JOY AND FEAST is a written ministry that looks an awful lot like a food blog. Words tend to flow more freely for me when wrapped around pictures of food, which, I suppose, makes sense. The table is where the most meaningful connections and conversations happen.

It is written mostly to city-dwelling Christian women (especially the single ones,) about the deep joys and unique challenges of a life after Jesus in an urban setting and to creative entrepreneurs fumbling their way to the fulfillment of their dreams.



Hello, my name is Abby.

I am a writer and creative entrepreneur based in San Francisco, California where my white picket fence looks a bit more like a rusty fire escape. A flourishing food styling career that I love pays my rent and melds with my vocation as a writer in this blog, Joy and Feast: A Life In Food Under The Banner Of Faith.